What is ecommerce?

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"Ecommerce simply means Electronic Commerce. Ecommerce gives you the ability to accept payment over the internet, by either credit card or electronic checks. Through Ecommerce, you can sell products or services instantly to anyone in the world without having to constantly monitor your Web Site"
Importance of an ebusiness strategy
From small businesses to major corporations, ecommerce has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips for the last few years. Although it’s been a hot topic whose benefits have been heavily written about and reviewed by a myriad of different resources, there still remains a lot of misconception in the minds of companies who want implement an ecommerce system within their business strategy. Many contemporary businessmen think of ecommerce as merely setting up their website and selling the products online. The truth is that electronic commerce is not simply a website selling online products such as through product search placement or using some form of affiliate marketing services – in fact, ecommerce is a complete drift of your business strategy from conventional to online.

In order to be successful, businesses must realize that ecommerce requires a complete business model – just as you operate your businesses, similarly, you need to form a model for ecommerce business. And since this is different from conventional business, the model also needs to be different. However, although they may be aware of the importance of ecommerce from a business standpoint, most of us need to turn to the experts in order to properly facilitate ecommerce strategies so that our online presence is maximized.

Back Your Model with an Internet Solution

In today’s increasingly competitive online merchandising methodologies, ecommerce-enabled web sites have become a must-have for nearly everyone with an online presence. eCommerce companies specialize in custom enterprise level ecommerce solutions, in other words an ecommerce solution provider that empower some of the country's most recognized brands by giving them the ability to simplify their businesses, manage product offerings and provide their consumers with unparalleled service on the web.

Not sure if you know but roughly 60% of all shopping carts are abandoned before checkout because of confusion, impatience or mistrust?

This all-too-often mishap can be avoided but you'll need a plan laid out. Many people go directly to design and build out their online store without a single thought. As far as they are concerned, the sooner they can get it up, the quicker they can have the money rolling in. But if you look around the Internet ... nearly everybody is going this route. Yet, there's an equally number of failing or struggling ebusinesses.

What's wrong with my business?
As mentioned before, what you need is a holistic view. You first need to evaluate your market. That seems like a bunch of mumbo jumbo but look behind this often repeated phrase.

If you knew there was huge demand for say ... ladies shoes, during the Winter, you would be better able to capitalize on it and not waste resources at other times of the year. You can take this further, as most online shops do nowadays, and have an SEO strategy in place. Imagine having your site being SEO ready from the start. Fortunately, even if you already went through this mistake it is still not too late. You just have to make sure to play smart.

Those looking for a website redesign
Having gone through it the first time around, many online owners know the feeling of having developed their site quickly and seeing only an embarrassment in terms of results. There is a reason why Information Architecture is a growing industry. You need professionals to figure out the best way to organize, label and present your site to your customers. But not only that, you can top it off with usability experts. Is this sounding a bit too much? It can be ... which is why you better be sure to have a good and complete ecommerce solution ... eCommercePartners comes to mind. They handle the whole enchilada so to speak.

But what you need to take out of reading this is ... get a business model and develop a web site strategy. It's all in the planning, planning, planning!